Biomes Orgainc

Fair & Orgainc Tanzanian Spices

Our Story

Biomes Organic Africa ltd is an entrepreneurial vision ta value Tanzanian organic spices farming through fair business practice with small-scale producers and environment preservation. It has gone through field-level involvement, consistent research, struggles & an unstinted continuous team spirit. The founder Jitendra Barot has invested more than a decade of his life in understanding & implementing the best Organic farming practices to maintain the highest quality and food safety standards for Organic Products. He spends most of his time with his dedicated farmers across Tanzania to train them for organic and sustainable spice harvest, encouraging agroforestry and chemical-free agriculture. At Biomes Organic, we believe in people and in self-empowerment. Knowledge and transparency are growing factors in improving living and working conditions for small-scale farmers.  

Biomes operate in a preserved environment in the Morogoro, Tanga, and Turiyani districts of Tanzania. We stick to organic methods and produce and trade in healthy and pure organic spices like CLOVES, BLACK PEPPER, CINNAMON, BIRD EYE CHILI, GINGER, TURMERIC, CARDAMOM, VANILLA & many more!

Biomes Organic Africa ltd has certified organic fields and facilities for processing raw materials and making final products. We are experienced in growing, cultivating, processing, packaging, trading & export organic spices.


  • Ensured traceability at each step of the supply chain
  • Following Food safety standards
  • Quality controls to garantee the EOS, NOP and JAS organic standards
  • Import and logistics facilitation through our Tanzanian and European facilities
Social & Environmental Responsibility