Organic agriculture is based on a sustainable producing approach, pesticides free, respecting both nature and humans. 

Producers and consumers are getting more aware about preserving natural resources and value organic farming practices. It also implies herbs and spices. 

 While spices and herbs represent a small portion of our diets, their flavors and medicinal properties are great value assets for health and taste. To offer the best spices quality, we promote organic farming practices in Tanzania which offer a wonderful and preserved environment. We believe human development can match current ecological stakes like global warming and biodiversity preservation through field level comitment and knowledge sharing. 

Quality from farm to fork

Natural raw material

100% Organic certified



Biomes Organic works in a preserved contamination free environment in Morogoro Region in Tanzania where spices prosper. 

We use organic and agroforestry methods to produce and trade healthy and pure organic spices like Cloves, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Bird Eye Chilli, Cardamom, Ginger & many more!



Natural herbs are used in traditionnal medecine since the beginning of humanity. They are full of flavors and health properties. We make sure about drying process and food safety to guarantee the best physical and chemical properties for this nature’s gifts. 


Natural. Sustainable.

Biomes Organic Africa is a commited company regarding Environmental stakes and Economic Development, leveraging innovative and organic farming techniques. We trustfully deliver pesticide-free spices , De-Hydrated Vegetables, Value Added farm Products and Herbs aiming for a healthy society around us! We are one of the leading organic spices suppliers in Tanzania

Certified Organic

We are EOS, NOP and JAS organic certified for export and we are Kilimo Certified for the Tanzanian market. We are known for the attention to quality while procuring and distributing the best varieties of spices & herbs. This has been achieved by field involvment with Tanzanian  small scale farmers, ensuring optimum collection and storage for their produces throughout the year.